Home Renovations That Can Lower Your Insurance Costs

by Administrator 18. November 2014 07:02

Home renovations can be an incredible way to increase your home’s resale value and uplift its overall appearance. However making changes to your home and renovating it can have considerable effects on the homeowner’s insurance premiums. The key to lowering your insurance costs is to invest in refurbishments that lower your risk of weather related damage, accidents, robberies and fires to your home. If your home is less susceptible to these perils, you will have to pay much less premiums on your insurance policy.

Given here are some of the home renovations that can significantly lower your insurance costs:

  • Roof: Investing in a new roof or repairing the existing one can help you reduce your premium amount, particularly for older houses. A lot of insurance companies make it a prerequisite for the homeowners to have a perfectly updated roof. This will help you save your house against any structural or weather damage.
  • Electrical Wiring: This is also one of the major factors taken into account by the insurance companies while deciding the annual cost of the insurance policy. An outmoded and dilapidated wiring system can possibly lead to a fire breakout in the house. Thus, before getting homeowner’s insurance, make sure the electrical wiring in your house is safe and new. Old wiring can spark and short circuit which will incur very heavy costs. 
  • Deadbolt Locks: Even a small modification such as installing deadbolt locks can save you a lot in your homeowner’s insurance premiums. These locks will protect your house against any unauthorized invasion and thus, reduce your chances of filing for a claim.
  • Smoke Alarms and Indoor Sprinklers: They provide long term savings and security that puts your house on minimal risk of getting damaged due to fire.
  • Alarm Systems: Insurance companies tend to give major discounts to home owners who have a monitored alarm system installed in their house. The alarm alerts at unauthorized entry into your house and ensures safety of you and your possessions.

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