What All Is Included In Homeowners Insurance

by Administrator 11. June 2014 12:09

Nowadays, most homeowners opt for homeowners insurance to safeguard themselves against possible damages and to be covered for losses in case of heavy, expensive repairs or replacements. Insurance policies are all different and unique. It is the duty of the homeowner to be fully aware of exactly what is covered within the scope of the insurance before opting for it. There are certain things that all policies usually cover and a few things that get covered only in specific homeowner insurance policies.It is wise to ask questions and make adequate enquiries to be fully satisfied regarding what is covered in a particular insurance plan before you choose it for your home. Here is a list of things which are commonly covered in most homeowner insurance policies.

  • All typical homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for the actual house against a number of broad damages. While your actual house is covered, certain other structures inside your property are also usually covered. These might include sheds, garages, fences, driveways and other significant structures.
  • Typically, homeowners insurance also covers personal property and possessions. This is also known as contents insurance and on an additional coverage charge it also covers high-value items like artwork or expensive jewelry.
  • Not all items are given replacement cost cover with homeowners insurance. Replacement cost cover signifies that in case of damage, you will be covered for the original cost of the damaged item. However, many insurance policies can also offer fair market price cover, which allows for depreciation that occurs with time.
  • Homeowner insurance policies typically cover a large range of natural disasters. In certain areas which are prone to earthquakes or tornadoes, there might not be automatic coverage for these scenarios. Scenarios which are typically included are storms, hail, lightning, fire and damage by falling objects. Additional coverage can be purchased for other kinds of natural disasters.
  • You can opt for additional coverage in your insurance policy against flooding, flash floods and sewer backups as these are typically not included in homeowners insurance.
  • Most policies cover incidents of personal injuries while inside your property. These can include injuries caused by incidents like slips and falls.
  • It is extremely important to have an understanding of the deductible amount while making a claim.

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