Motorhome Insurance Buying Guide

by Administrator 7. March 2016 10:03

Motorhome Insurance is quite similar to car insurance in terms of legal documents required and a third party liability cover; however there are some essential factors which are markedly different. Motorhome is basically a home on wheels and you may have your personal items in it all the time. It is important that you keep all these belongings in mind while buying an insurance cover.

An insurance agent may consider one or more of the following factors while deciding on your exact coverage:

  • Age and medical history of driver/drivers
  • Pattern of usage (terrains or climate)
  • Condition and mechanical upkeep of the motorhome

Kinds of insurance coverage available:

  • Comprehensive coverage: This provides you protection against any damages that may occur to your motorhome in case of non-collision incidents. This may include fire, theft, vandalism or weather related.
  • Accident coverage: In case your motorhome is involved in an accident, you will be covered against expenses to repair damages to your vehicle. Based on your usage patterns, you must buy sufficient accident coverage.
  • Third party liability coverage: If your motorhome injures a person or damages someone’s property/vehicle, the insurance company will cover you against the monetary compensation which you are liable to pay. This may include medical bills or repair costs incurred by the party.
  • Personal items coverage: From kitchenware and clothing to electronics and tools- all items that have been listed as part of content of your motorhome will be covered under this head.
  • Camping equipment coverage: If you are using your motorhome for frequent camping, it is best to insure them as expensive gear in your motorhome may attract thefts.
  • Key care coverage: If the keys or access system to your motorhome is lost or vandalized, the coverage will protect you. This is important as your motorhome may be parked overnight at unknown places with a high crime rate.
  • Medical payments coverage: In case of accidents, personal injuries to you or your co-passengers will be covered under this. Medical bills, funeral expenses, etc. may be part of this cover.

A motorhome is a big investment and often forms an integral part of family outings and experiences. Make sure you ask your insurance agent of exact cover amount that you are entitled to under each head.

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