Reasons You Buy Car Insurance

by Administrator 11. November 2014 06:33

Car insurance is an essential purchase if you have recently purchased a car. There are a number of reasons why you should get your four-wheeler covered against any unexpected damage or theft.

Some of these reasons are:

  • Legal requirement: You must carry a valid car insurance policy to avoid being penalized for violation of the law. The consequences for such offenses may include hefty fines, confiscation of your car or losing your driving license. It is required by law to possess valid car insurance.
  • Your car is a big investment: After your home, your car is probably the biggest investment that you would have. Buying an insurance policy is a way to protect that asset of yours from any accidental damage or theft. Moreover, an insured car gives the much needed peace of mind to the owner. 
  • Personal financial protection: In case your car is damaged an accident, you might need to bear many more overheads apart from repairing costs. These may involve property damage, medical bills etc. All these can put you under a lot of financial strain. Having a car insurance policy can help you by providing coverage against these unforeseen expenditures.
  • Protection from lawsuits: You must also have a car insurance policy to protect yourself from potential lawsuits. If you cause an accident and do not have an insurance policy, you are likely to be sued by the other driver.
  • Required by lenders: Some people also need to get car insurance as it is required by their lender. If you are getting your vehicle financed, the lender might require you to have an insurance coverage. This will protect the lender from any loss in case you damage your car that has not yet been paid for.
  • Addition to health insurance: Drivers may not have a health insurance policy to cover the medical bills for the injuries that they might suffer in an accident. Most car insurance providers also provide coverage for the treatment costs borne by the injured car driver and passengers. 

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