Ways To Cut Boat Insurance Costs

by Administrator 21. September 2015 12:02

Recreational boating is an interesting activity for many people. However, it is also important to have a sound insurance plan for your boat. Whether you have a small boat or a luxurious yacht, getting an adequate coverage will help you stay protected against unexpected damages and financial liabilities. There are certain ways by which you can cut down on your boat insurance costs. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • Avoid over-insuring: You should not pay for any such coverage that you do not require. Make sure you carefully analyze the type, features and usage of your boat to determine the coverage options that you actually need.
  • Boater Education: It can be beneficial if you enroll yourself for boater education classes. It may help you to become eligible for certain discounts and offers on your insurance policy. So, boating safety education can be an asset in this case.
  • Driving Record: A good driving record can also help you save money in boat insurance. With a clean track record, you are more likely to drive safely and file a claim for accidental damages to your boat. This can help to reduce your insurance premiums. 
  • Type of Water: The type of water in which you will be using your boat also determines the cost of your insurance policy.  You may have to shell out less money for insurance if you sail your boat in fresh water. On the other hand, boat insurance costs will be higher for salt water usage.
  • Inland Operations: Even inland operations require you to pay lower premiums. Therefore, you must give all the details to the insurance agency before finalizing the boat insurance policy.
  • Storage Facility: A good storage facility for your boat can fetch you an insurance discount. So, you must try to store your boat in a safe and secure place to lower the risks of a theft.
  • Combined Insurance: The insurance agency may also provide the facility of combining the boat insurance along with the homeowners and auto insurance policies. This helps in reducing the total amount of premiums that you need to pay. You must ask for any such provisions before signing the final document.

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