How To Reduce Home Insurance Costs

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Must Have Coverage Options For Your Home

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Home Insurance: Do's And Dont's

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What Is Covered Under Home Insurance

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Factors That Affect Your Home Insurance Rates

by Administrator 17. April 2017 06:49

Home insurance rates can significantly vary from one house to another depending on the type of home and age of your building etc. Having more expensive items in your home also affects the premium rates. Every insurance company has different insurance policies and strategies to decide the home insurance rates. Below are the important factors which will affect the rates of your home insurance.

  • How old is your home? : The home insurance rates hugely depend on the age of your home. Generally, the older constructed homes are charged more by insurance companies since they require repair and maintenance work on a frequent basis. Also, the insurance companies may charge a higher premium amount if they fear early claims. Therefore, it is necessary to get minor repair work done in your property in order to have a positive impact on premium calculation.
  • Features in the home: Additional security features in the house such as a burglar and fire alarm, CCTV cameras or wall fencing will help in the reduction of home insurance premium rates. On the other hand, utilities like swimming pool, roof top garden or indoor Jacuzzi will increase the insurance premium.
  • Location of home: Home insurance premium rates also depend on the location of your home. A home situated in an isolated place outside the city will fetch higher insurance premium because of an increased risk of a burglary or fire. Additionally, a house located in the town or near the fire and police station will amount to a lesser home insurance premium.
  • Type of home appliances: The type and number of home appliances installed in the house will also affect your home insurance rates. A house having more electrical appliances will have an increased risk of short circuiting or fire and hence will amount to extra premium as far as home insurance is concerned. As the owner of the house, you need to declare the number of home appliances to be included in the insurance coverage. The insurance company will accordingly decide the premium rates.
  • Inclusion of costly articles: Certain articles such as antique pieces and jewelry items are costlier in terms of their value and hence need to be included separately in the home insurance policy. Therefore, a house having a large number of expensive items will have a higher insurance premium and vice versa.
  • Deductible: One of the other key factors that are taken into consideration while deciding the home insurance premium rates is the deductible. A higher deductible corresponds to lower insurance premium and a lower deductible will fetch you high premium rates. But decide on a deductible only after calculating your budget and how much you can afford to pay.

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What Makes Home Insurance Important?

by Administrator 17. February 2017 11:16

Home is the most valuable asset that you possess and therefore it is important to safeguard it from damage. Having an insurance plan assures that your home is financially secured at the time of unforeseen events like accidents fire, theft, leaking pipes, ightning etc. Your insurance company calculates the cost needed to rebuild your house or restore the damages and helps you cope up with the situation. An insurance policy with extensive coverage is imperative to live a stress free life.

A home insurance policy pays for the following –

Building or structural damage –It covers any damage caused to the physical structure of the property, except the land. Depending upon the coverage limit, insurance policy will safeguard your building against harms caused by short circuits, natural calamities, plumbing issues etc.

Possessions inside the house – Your valuables are always under a risk of either being broken, stolen or getting damaged due to endless reasons. If you have an insurance plan, you’ll be able to replace the damaged items by filing a claim as your insurance company will compensate the loss. The possessions covered under this policy may include clothes, jewelry, electronic appliances, gadgets etc.

Liability coverage- If a visitor gets injured in your premises or you accidently damage the property of your neighbors, having an insurance plan will save you from the liabilities such as-

  • Paying for the treatment of the injured person (hospital bills, medication, diagnostic tests etc.
  • In case the injured person is unable to return to his work, you’ll be legally liable for his lost wages. Your insurance company can help you get out of such situations by providing financial help.
  • The insurance company will pay all your legal expenses in case the injured party files a case against you

Additional living expenses – When your property gets damaged by a disaster or a mishap and you have to stay in a rented accommodation till the restoration of the house, the insurance policy will pay for the rent, hotel bills, restaurant meals etc. This is a life saver coverage option offered under a home insurance policy.

Protecting your possessions away from home - Your home insurance policy follows you wherever you go. In case your belongings get damaged, misplaced or stolen while traveling, your insurance policy has a provision to enhance the coverage range to safeguard your belongings even when you are not in your home.

Damage to the nearby structures- In addition to the main building, your insurance plan also covers the damages caused to the nearby structures such as fences, garage, out house, outdoor furniture etc.
By living in an insured house you’ll have peace of mind that if any kind of damage occurs to your property, you’ll be able to recover the loss. So, it is recommended that all the home owners purchase a home insurance policy.

Home insurance plans have various coverages. You may consult an insurance agent to choose the best plan that suits your budget and needs. He will help you by–

  • Offering to choose from wide array of insurance plans from different companies.
  • Giving unbiased advice regarding coverage options
  • Helping you to file a claim when need arises

Remember to make an inventory of all your belongings and keep it in a place away from home. So that in case a mishap occurs, you know the exact cost of property.

At Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. we offer you the home insurance plans with best coverage options and low premiums. To know more about the insurance plans, you can call at (254) 526-0535 or visit at 2705 E. Stan Schluter Loop, Suite 101 Killeen, Texas, 76542.

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Benefits Of Insuring Your Home In Killeen

by Administrator 19. August 2016 13:46

An insurance policy is a must for every homeowner in Killeen, TX. It is not merely one of the eligibility criterions for getting a home loan, but also protects you against many unexpected financial encumbrances in the long run. Incidences like hailstorm, vandalism, theft, riots etc. can damage your home’s structure and your personal belongings. Insurance coverage can a help you cover the repair and replacement costs, while avoiding any financial burden on your pocket.

Listed below are some benefits of insuring your home in Killeen:

Protects Your Investment

Getting a homeowners insurance coverage gives you the peace of mind that your house is protected against unforeseen natural and manmade incidents. Your home is one of the major investments of your lifetime and repairing or renovating it can take up a significant portion of your total earnings. Homeowners insurance can save you from these financial liabilities that you may not be prepared for.

Covers Your Valuables

Besides the overall structure, there are many other valuable items in your home that may be quite expensive to repair or replace. These may include furniture, electronic appliances, jewelry, antiques etc. Water pipe burst, termite infestation, robbery, fire and other such instances can damage your prized possessions stored inside the house. If you have homeowners insurance, you can recuperate the costs of replacing these items up to the coverage limits of the policy. Certain insurance policies also cover your belongings if they are not in the house, such as, your laptop gets stolen on your way to work.

Safeguards Against Legal Liabilities

If guest gets injured on your property or our pet bites someone, you may be held liable for the victim’s financial losses, provided that the accident occurred due to your negligence. When you have homeowners insurance, you are protected against such types of legal liabilities. The policy will pay for the medical bills of the injured person as well as the costs of your legal defense and, in the event of a lawsuit.

Timely Recovery

Insurance payouts allow you to initiate the home repair or reconstruction process much quickly so that you can get back to your routine life. It will also the cover your costs of living till the time your home is rebuilt. These may include the expenses incurred for accommodation, transportation, food etc.

Contact Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. to buy homeowners insurance in Killeen, TX. We offer customizable insurance plans and coverage options to fully protect your home. For more information, you can call us at (254) 526 – 0535.

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Factors That Can Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance In Killeen

by Administrator 14. July 2016 08:25

Insurance providers in Killeen, TX, offer different coverage options and varied premium rates for homeowners insurance policies. However, it is important to ensure that you get adequate coverage to recompense the cost of re-building or renovating your home in case of damage. Keep on reviewing your policy every year so that you know what additions and deletions need to be made. Though adding extra coverage can sometimes increase your monthly premiums, there are certain factors that can reduce your overall homeowners insurance costs. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • Comparing the insurance rates: It is essential to choose an insurance agency after getting quotes from multiple providers in Killeen. You can use the internet or get in touch with the state insurance department to get a fair idea about the rates being offered by various agencies in Killeen. You also need to review the quality of customer service and claims processing record of the insurance agency. Shopping around can help you fetch lower rates and reduce your monthly premiums.
  • Deductible: Another factor that can help in cutting down the homeowners insurance cost is the deductible. It is the money that you need to pay towards the claim settlement amount. Having a higher deductible can make you save a lot on premiums. However, you must raise your deductible only after carefully reviewing your financial situation. Also, people residing in disaster-prone areas may have to shell out a separate deductible in case of damage due to specific natural calamities such as earthquake and windstorm.
  • Buying multiple insurance policies: A number of insurance agencies in Killeen offer discounts if you buy multiple policies from them. So, you can buy auto and liability coverage along with homeowners insurance policy to bring down the monthly premium. However, you need to compare and contrast the coverage options being offered by the insurance provider to ensure that you are actually saving money.
  • Security measures in your home: Installing extra security systems in your home such as CCTV camera, burglar alarm, fire sprinkler etc. mitigates the risk of damage and the likelihood of filing a claim. Make sure you talk to your insurance agent to know what security systems can get you a discount on your homeowners insurance.
  • Policy review: Though you want to sufficiently protect your home, spending money on unnecessary coverage is not right. Every year, the insurance requirements change and it is important that you review the condition of your home along with the coverage that you have opted for. It can help you avoid paying for any additional coverage that you may not require presently.

For more tips to reduce the costs of your homeowners insurance in Killeen, TX, feel free to contact Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. at (254) 526 – 0535.

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Killeen Home Insurance - What Does It Cover?

by Administrator 15. April 2016 12:39

A home insurance policy provides coverage in the event of damage that occurs to your home or the belongings inside it. You also get coverage for all the legal expenses if you or any of your family members cause injury to a guest inside your home. Different kind of insurance policies offer varied levels of protection. Buy a home insurance policy depending on the type of coverage you require.

Below is a list of the coverage offered under a home insurance policy:

  • Protection for your home: Any unexpected incident can cause damage to your house and its belongings. A home insurance policy will provide you financial protection in such situations. Apart from your home, any attached structures such as garage or storage shed etc. are also covered under the homeowners insurance policy.
  • Protection for personal property: The insurance policy provides protection to the belongings inside the home. You will be eligible to claim coverage if your personal items are lost, damaged or stolen. Therefore, it is imperative to have a clear idea about the monetary value of your personal properties. Most of the home insurance policies have a dollar limit up to which they provide protection. So, you may need to raise this limit to get adequate protection for all your belongings.
  • Bodily injury liability: This type of coverage helps during instances where someone is accidentally injured inside your property. For example: a person can slip off the stairs or trip on a pile of boxes etc. Bodily injury liability can help you in paying all the medical bills and the attorney fees associated with any case that the other party may file against you.
  • Protection from natural calamities: It is noticeable that all the natural disasters are not covered under a home insurance policy. However, most of the policies provide protection in case of damage caused to the home due to fire, lightning, windstorms, hail etc. Generally, damages occurred due to earthquakes and floods are not covered under the policy. For this, you may require additional coverage to fully protect all your household items.
  • Additional living expenses: This type of coverage offers protection in case you have to temporarily move out of your home. The insurance policy will pay for your accommodation, restaurant bills and other living expenses till your home is restored.

Contact Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. to buy home insurance in Killeen, TX. Our agents will compare the coverage options offered by different carriers and help you choose a suitable insurance plan. For more information, call at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542.

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How To Decide On Your Home Insurance Deductible

by Administrator 5. February 2016 09:17

Deductible is the amount of money that the homeowner needs pay before the insurance company pays the claim. While buying an insurance policy, home owners need to decide the amount of deductible. Though it may seem to be viable to pay a higher deductible to lower the monthly premiums, you must keep some important points in mind before taking this decision:

  • Look at your financial position: A higher deductible upfront will reduce your monthly payout but may leave you with little money in case of a contingency which requires immediate payout. Similarly you may decide to agree on higher monthly premiums to save money at present. This decision should be taken keeping your future and present financial liabilities in mind.
  • Amount of the deductible: It may be tempting to pay a higher deductible in order to avail discounts but be sure that you have enough savings to pay for that amount if required.
  • Save insurance claim for bigger problems: You should not make frequent claims on your home insurance for minor repair expenses. This way you can make considerable savings on your deductible. Therefore, you should save the claims for bigger troubles and bear the little expenses yourself.
  • Do calculations: Calculate 1% of your home value and see if this amount is something you can easily afford. Similarly see 2% figure and gauge your ability to pay. Also calculate how much you can save per month if you opt for a higher deductible. Compare these amounts so that you are able to make an informed decision.
  • Know the frequency: An average homeowner makes a home insurance claim once every eight to ten years. Keep this statistic in mind and save up on monthly premiums to add to your emergency fund. This way you will have a corpus when the need actually arises.

Be aware of your risk management capacity and the budget of your home before deciding on the deductible amount. An insurance agent can help you in all calculations and also recommend the an ideal deductible amount according to your requirements.
We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc., offer affordable home insurance in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542.

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