Home Insurance Covers More Than Your Home

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The most valuable asset and investment of a person life is most likely to be his home. With the rising costs of owning a property, it makes a lot of sense to insure your house and its belongings. It is essential for peace and mind and to ensure that your investment is safe.

When deciding for a home insurance you should make sure that the scheme you select covers your basic needs. You should assess the possible occurrences and catastrophes that can act as a threat to your house so that you can include them in your insurance policy. For example not every policy provides protection against floods and if you happen to live in a flood prone area you should go for a policy that entitles you reimbursement for the losses incurred during a flood.

Depending on the nature of the insurance scheme and the providing company's policies you will get a limited or unlimited cover for your belongings. The important thing to consider here is that the amount you get for your insurance product is evaluated depending on its current condition. The extent to which your belongings are covered depends on the insurance limit.

There are three major types of coverage plans -

Type A – This is the most essential type as it covers the basic structure of your home, including the roof, floor, wall tiles, cupboards, appliances and so on. There is an 'all perils' version of ‘Type A’ policy wherein you can get specific items covered.

Type B
– This covers the external structures that are a part of your home such as fences, garage, a suite, etc. This is particularly helpful in protecting new expensive fences, etc. in flood and hurricane prone areas as floods and hurricanes cause immense damage to external structures.

Type C -This covers all your personal belongings but there still may be a limit to the amount you can get as reimbursement when your belongings are damaged along with the home.

In addition, there are two other types of covers -

Type D – Personal liability that covers bodily injuries incurred at the time of the disaster. The provider pays for the lawsuits filed against you when you are charged with the account of causing damage to other people's property.

Type F – Covers for the medical bills of others that are injured on your property, such as a slip and fall case in your house.

Home Insurance is essential and very beneficial. Every home owner should research and select an insurance plan that best suits their needs.

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5 Ways to Find Your Ideal Insurance Agent in Killeen, TX

by Administrator 4. November 2011 12:11


When you work with an insurance agent, you aren’t simply striking up a deal, you are creating a partnership for risk hedging and liability planning. The agent you choose will have a tremendous influence on your family’s and asset protection, making this an extremely important partnership. You must find an agent that you not only trust, but one whose knowledge and experience are vast enough to ensure that he or she will cover all the bases while still being personally compatible with you.

If it seems like choosing an insurance agent is almost as intense as choosing a future spouse, you aren’t exactly on the wrong track. But before you start going to speed dating events to find your ideal agent, here are a few tips you can try:

1. Ask friends and family for referrals: If you know someone who has an agent, and loves them, then finding out who that agent is. Doing some research on them is a great way to weed through all the options.

2. Do a web search: Most agents are on the web now. If you do a web search in any search engine for the type of insurance you are shopping for and your location, you will turn up hundreds of results that allow you a starting point to further your research.

3. Read an agent’s blog: Blogs are a less formal way of communicating with potential clients. Often, a blog post will give readers a hint about the underlying personality of the agent while giving an indication of how knowledgeable they are.

4. Read newsletters: Agents who offer newsletter subscriptions to visitors of their website are educating people at no charge. These articles can help you determine what the scope of the agent’s business is and what lines of insurance he or she   specializes in. Newsletter articles can often point out how a new line of insurance, one you hadn’t previously considered for your financial plan, will benefit you.

5.Read the agent’s About Me page: It’s nice to have something in common with the person who will be helping to design your insurance plan. Read your agent’s About Me page to get an idea of what personal and professional things you have in   common.

It’s important that you take the time to find the right agent for you, the first time around. Once you’ve developed this relationship it is valuable to keep it going through the years. This will make claims, premiums and renewals so much easier. Also, you’ll know that you have a knowledgeable professional watching your back, even when you don’t know it needs watchin’.

We at Shawn Camp Insurance know that making sound decisions about your coverage is one of the most important things you can do. We stand committed to providing the best combination of service, price and products to meet your individual needs. We specialize in Killeen auto insurance as well as homeowners & business insurance in Copperas Cove, Temple, Gatesville and across Texas. Contact us for at (800) 212-2641 for a  free Houston insurance quote.

What liabilities do homeowners face?

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During your daily routine at home, you possibly don’t think much about the different potential liabilities you are accountable for within the very same building that you and your family rely on for comfort and shelter. But there are many accidents that could happen to others within your home that would result in medical bills and damages and that you, as the homeowner, could be liable for. These incidents could take money out of your savings, retirement fund and college savings plans unless you have the appropriate insurance to cover them.

Potential Liabilities as a Homeowner

Here is an idea of what these potential liabilities could consist of:

Indoor injuries: If a guest or visitor to your home is injured while on the premises by trip and fall over a loose floor tile, you could be liable for both damages and medical expenses.  The costs of these expenses could be extremely high and may even include recompense for loss of work.

Miscellaneous injuries: Visitors to your home could be injured in your yard or garden, around or in your pool, within your storage shed or even by your dog. In fact, your dog could bite someone who isn’t even on your property. Similar to the other accidents we mentioned, this would fall under a homeowner’s liability.

Property damage: If one of your children throws a ball through a neighbor’s window or if one of your trees falls on a neighbor or visitor’s car, you could be liable for repair, replacement, loss of use and other damages.

Accidents within your home can happen any time—whether you’re having friends over for dinner, throwing a party, showing your home to a neighbor or potential buyer, or even entertaining out-of-town relatives. Homeowners liability coverage is designed to protect you against the financial exposure brought on by these liabilities that, whether you know it or not, are a constant part of your life. The benefits of liability insurance can extend well past the inside of your home and protect you from offsite accidents as well.

There is no reason not to have proper liability coverage for your home. Doing so not only protects your family but also ensures that anyone injured on your premises or suffering damages as a result of your family, property or pets will get the medical treatment and funds for damages that they deserve.

To learn more about Texas Homeowners Insurance contact us at (800) 212-2641 or get a free home insurance quote.


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